Golden Sobba


Sobba Golden is a soft, golden drink with a delicate touch of spices that offer a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. An elixir for all those who wish to get in touch with themselves and enjoy magical moments.

1 pack has 100g of Sobba Golden.

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Sobba Golden has revolutionized the use and benefits obtained with Sobba.

Ingredients: 66% buckwheat, 25% coconut milk, 9% turmeric and pepper.

We added Curcuma – for its Antioxidant powers -, Black Pepper – which has the ability to enhance the other substances and allows them to remain active in the body for a longer time – and Coconut Milk – facilitates the absorption of the properties of Curcuma.

Strengthens the immune system, acts on post-workout muscle recovery, helps you sleep better.

An authentic elixir of benefits.

Caffeine-free and gluten-free

Ideal for people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Golden Sobba